Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Homeschooling With Teens - Sabaton Has a History Channel!!!

I posted a few weeks ago about the Swedish metal band's history themed songs.  Then, a week or so ago one of my local homeschooling friends sent us a link to a video announcing a new YouTube history channel exploring all the history behind the songs.

We finally got around to watching the first of the series (on the battle of Wizna) this morning, and loved it.  It's extremely well done.

The series is hosted by Indy Neidell, a Texas born historian now living in Sweden, who has a couple of very interesting sounding YouTube channels of his own - one walking week by week through the events of WWI and another exploring the events of WWII.  I'm looking forward to checking them out with the kids, as well.  Please keep in mind though, that I currently know almost nothing about him, so if you check out his channels proceed with caution and all due discretion, as with anything online.

It's great to be a homeschooler.

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Ticia said...

This is going to be EPIC! I can't wait to watch every single one of their videos, I'm sure it's going to greatly amuse me.