Monday, March 4, 2019

Homeschooling the Teen Years - Ordering Graduation Announcements

Drawing by E (age 14)

We spent way too much time today, trying to pick 10 pictures out of 18 years worth of memories for A's part in the homeschool graduation slide show.  It's still so cold and snowy out though, I didn't mind staying in for a cozy afternoon of sorting through pictures with the girls.

While we had the albums out, and graduation in mind, we decided to forge ahead and order A's graduation announcements, while we were at it too.  All the etiquette articles say the announcements need to be mailed in time to be received somewhere around two weeks before, or up to two weeks after the graduation (which is suddenly looming large before us).

 Luckily I had snapped a few shots in the fall, under our neighbor's tree...

… on a stairway by a store parking lot...

… in front of a wall outside of play practice...

… and so on, that could be edited up to work as senior pictures.  We had really intended to try to get a full photoshoot in, but had snapped the here-there-and-everywhere shots just in case.  

If you have an upcoming senior, unless you live somewhere beautiful, take pictures of them anytime there are leaves on the ground, and whenever you get a chance, because teens are too busy to catch for long, and fall colors are nicer than winter muck for senior pics (spring is usually too late for making deadlines).   If you're lucky you'll find time (and cash) for a photographer, but don't count on it.  Senior's schedules fill up fast.

We like to order our picture card type announcements right off of Walmart's website (though I'm sure any picture site would do just same).  There's a good selection of easily modifiable, and inexpensive templates to choose from.  They arrive quickly, either in store, or shipped (often for free) to your house.  And, the information is stored on the site, so you can order more if you run out. 

Most have room for 1-3 pictures, but some have spots for up to 8, or even more.  A(age 18) chose one that has room for 5 pictures, as well as space on the back for a personalized message. She also used the spot on the back of the envelope flap, meant for a return address, to type a quirky graduation quote - something from Gravity Falls' Grunkle Stan.  I'll have to explain it to her grandparents, but it made A's eyes sparkle, so why not?

It's great to be a homeschooler.

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Ticia said...

I love the pictures you featured! They look great and show her personality, especially the bottom one with the umbrella.