Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Boxing Day!

As a teenager, living in Canada, my friends explained Boxing Day, as the day you box up all the Christmas decorations. They were wrong, of course, as teenagers have been known to be.

In fact, it turns out, Boxing Day has something to do with giving boxed gifts to the service people, who keep civilization humming, so everyone else can celebrate Christmas (according to Wikipedia, anyway).

That's nice too, but you know, traditions formed in youth are the ones, that really stick. And, as much as I love Christmas, celebrating Christ's birth, and all the joy of the season, with the lights, and beauty, and sparkle, through the darkest days of winter, I'm always equally happy to see the arrival of Boxing Day.

So, good-bye tree...

Good-bye egghead snowmen. I'm sorry I forgot to water you all last week...

Good-bye glitter glue window sticks...

Hello clean windows...

Hello much needed table leaf...

Hello peaceful winter calm.

Happy Boxing Day!

It's great to be a homeschooler.


  1. Happy Boxing Day! When I was a kid I always thought it had to do with the sport, boxing. which I had ZERO interest and knowledge about Boxing.

    I like when we box up the day after, but this year we didn't decorate until Friday, so we are doing The 12 Days of Christmas this year.

  2. Ha! I am ready to take down all of the decorations, but first I have to put away all of the gifts. The decorations will go away this week though. We are currently experiencing a blizzard - 60 mph winds and expecting up to 2 feet of snow.

  3. I heard the wikipedia version also. We usually take the decorations down on new years day

  4. Actually.. boxing day, in Australia, is when people use to open their gifts instead of on Christmas Day. Christmas Day was reserved for celebrating the birth of Jesus. Or at least that's how we have been taught. ;) BUT.. I must say that I'm with you on enjoying the moment of gaining my lounge room, kitchen, mirrors, and everything else back from all the pretty decorations we can't wait to put up each year. :D

  5. Since Russians celebrate Christmas on New Year's Eve we will definitely keep the tree until then. It's easy to do with an artificial tree :) Happy Boxing Day.

  6. I can see you would be done with Christma since you started really early. We will try to keep the tree up until all 12 days of Christmas are over, but since it is a real tree, we might not make it. We will go to at least New Year's.