Monday, December 13, 2010

Cranberry Christmas

It just so happens, I had the book standing by, with cranberries in the fridge, ready to make the cookie recipe on the back cover, tonight. So, I was thrilled when Christy mentioned the cartoon version of the story, available for free viewing on ABC's Family website.

And, I was quite happy that she mentioned the recipe made 8 dozen cookies. It actually says that right at the bottom of the recipe, which you can find, here, at Taste of Home. But, I don't often read all the way to the bottom of the recipe, and would probably not have noticed that little detail, until I had already mixed the dough.

8 dozen cookies, is a bit much for us with all the other goodies in the house, so I opted to halve the recipe, except for the egg. I don't know how to halve an egg, but the one I used was pretty small, and didn't seem to hurt the recipe. The cranberry, and walnut cookies taste like zingy, hermit cookies to me. I like hermit cookies, my mother used to make them, so I like these too. But, they were not a big hit with the children, who were put off by their appearance, and wouldn't even try them.

They enjoyed the story however, both in book, and expanded movie form. Mr. Whiskers must clean up his house, before his persnickety sister comes for a visit. I love, that the story uses the word persnickety - it's a personal favorite of mine.

The movie has a redemption, and forgiveness theme, that the book does not, and we'll probably add it to our list of Christmas viewing favorites, but I think I still prefer the book. It has a simple sweetness, like the cookies, that reminds me of the comforts of home, and childhood.

It's great to be a homeschooler.


  1. That is exactly why I have eight dozen cookies - I didn't read that information until the batter was already mixed!

    I don't think I know what a hermit cookie is; I'll have to look it up.

  2. After such glowing reviews from two esteemed sources I just have to add this book to our Christmas reading for the next year :)

  3. What fun! We enjoyed huddling under the covers and watching it on my laptop this morning. Perhaps I will warm up the house with cookie baking this afternoon. I believe I have some cranberries left in the refrigerator...

  4. We just watched the show on TV the other night! I didn' know there was a book. We just read Cranberry Thanksgiving a few weeks ago and it was a favorite so much so that we are going to have to buy it for our collection!

  5. I'm still trying to find a copy of that book......

  6. I'm not a big fan of walnuts so I think I'll pass. However I have a recipe for cranberry apple bread I really like. Someday it would be fun to watch a cranberry harvest. WI is home to several working cranberry marshes.

  7. For an easy way to "halve" an egg, break it into a measuring cup, and beat it with a small whisk (or fork, whatever you have). Then, just pour out half of the mixture to use in your recipe. I don't think the extra egg would hurt the recipe though. Besides being a binding agent, eggs add moisture/fat to baking, so the impact(if anything), would probably be just a slightly more moist, cakey cookie.

  8. Thanks for the book suggestion, plus we'll have to check it out on the ABC Family website. We really enjoyed "Cranberry Thanksgiving" after you suggested it; I didn't realize there was a "Cranberry Christmas". I placed a hold on it through our library system and can't wait to read it!