Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Way I Feel - Balloon Craft

Our stART (story + ART) project for today, began with another D (age 7), inspired craft.

During his "nap time", or afternoon quiet time, he had taken a couple straggling balloons, and drawn faces on them. One was happy, and one was angry. He was having a great time interacting with them. So, after his nap, I blew up several more balloons, so he could explore a wider range of feelings.

And, I cut some heart shaped feet, out of empty cereal boxes, punching a hole near the pointy end, for the knot of the balloons to fit through.

We ended up with happy, sad, angry, surprised, scared, pensive, and some generally silly faces, drawn by the girls, that were whisked away to be played with before I could get their pictures.

I thought we were doing pretty good with pensive, until I picked up Janan Cain's The Way I Feel, to go along with our craft, and we were reminded, through bold, brightly colored, illustrations, and a series of poetic couplets, of silly, disappointed, thankful, frustrated, shy, bored, excited, jealous, and proud. It looks like I'll be blowing up some more balloons.

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It's great to be a homeschooler.


  1. What a neat idea. If you are feeling a bit grouchy, you can always pop the happy, smiling balloon! I love the feet! We own that book; it's a good one.

  2. We really liked that book, and I enjoyed your balloon art - very colorful and playful.

  3. What a fun project! I love it. We enjoy that book too.

  4. Wonderfully fun. I need to blow up balloons more often.

  5. The Way I Feel is one of those books that belongs in each home library. Perfect for discussing feelings and the illustrations are so whimsical. That is a fun balloon activity.

  6. Great idea using balloons as people and demonstrating feelings! Love the book too!

  7. What a great way to illustrate feeling! I love the craft idea.